What Promotional Products Are Best For Corporate Events?

What Promotional Products Are Best For Corporate Events

Promotional products are an important strategy to help bring more awareness and recognition to your brand. These products should not only just be a fitting representation of your company but be as functional and practical as it can be for your customers.

More importantly, promotional products also need to be fitting to the environment of your customers or potential customers. So you might be wondering: what promotional products are best, particularly for corporate events? 

If you would like to learn more about popular promotional products for corporate events, then continue reading as we look at some promotional merchandise to inspire you. 

1). Technology-Related Products

Promotional products have to be useful and have a high utility value. Technology-related products are a great example of this especially since various corporate settings incorporate technology everywhere. 

Examples of technology-related promotional products include power banks, USB flash drives, or phone cases. However, it is important to ensure that the product you choose is representative of your brand and can find a way to relate back to your industry. 

Other examples of technology-related promotional products include phone mounts, mousepads, cable managers, laser pointers, mobile phone chargers, Bluetooth earphones, and more.

What Promotional Products Best Corporate Events

2). Good, Better, Best Products

Instead of categorising promotional products according to price, you can categorise them according to good, better, and best products. What does this mean?

An example is that some items can be given away to anyone who walks by, while other items are specifically reserved for sales reps that are connecting with prospects.

A “good” product can be something like a metal pen or a cell phone strap, a “better” product can be something like a tote page or a cable organiser, and a “best” product can be an umbrella or vacuum tumbler. The number of categories, of course, can be up to your discretion. 

3). Time-Relevant Products

You might be wondering what this means. Nowadays many corporate workers are working at home due to COVID-19. It is wise, therefore, to release products which they can use in their remote workspaces. 

Examples of this may include hardbound notebooks with a pen pouch, an insulated mug, a desk lamp, promotional calendars, and more. All of these products will definitely help create a more productive workspace for corporate workers that are working remotely.

Other possible products to release are items such as face masks and hand sanitisers, especially since these items are very relevant items nowadays. Essentially, promotional products have to keep up with the times and remain relevant according to current trends.

4). Apparel Products

Of course, everyone, no matter what background or industry they may come from, makes use of apparel. These are effective promotional products because they are considered to have high utility value given that they are already classified as essential items. 

Examples of apparel products that you can hand out include t-shirts, caps, baller bands, and more. Accessories can also be an option under apparel products. 

What Promotional Products Best Corporate Events

5). Travel Products

If you are at a corporate event, there could be a chance that you travel often. As such, travel items make great promotional materials to hand out at corporate events.

Examples of travel products include bags, luggage, passport holders, and travel adapters among many others. Tumblers and umbrellas may even be considered under this category. Travel products are also a really great way for your brand to be recognised across diverse audiences around the world. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to giving out promotional products no matter what the event is, it is important that the products are practical, relevant, and functional. A product that can be used frequently by your customers is one that can help provide sustainable brand awareness and recognition.

For corporate events, the same principle applies. It is important to give out branded promotional products that you know can be utilised by those from the corporate industry. Whether it be technology related or relevant to the times, there are various options you can pursue for corporate promotional products

However, always keep in mind the desired outcome you strive for when releasing these products. Thinking about your customers is important, but it is also important to release products that have a high return on investment. 

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