Promotional Puzzles

An ideal way to use promotional puzzles is to make them interactive. Making promotional puzzles isn’t very difficult actually and simply requires making your games more mature. Promotional puzzles are also perfect for corporate events. Promotional puzzles are an appealing and amusing way of promoting your brand inside and outside of the office and promoting positive brand identity. Promotional Puzzles are a good way to expose your company and to let your customers know that you are the “missing piece” they’ve been searching for. 

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487 Puzzle Set

Description : Challenge yourself with these four brain teaser puzzles packed in a tin with foam insert

Cardboard Puzzle

This 20 pieces cardboard puzzle is made from 230gsm wood free paper and 950gsm double sided grey board

D589 Executive Globe Puzzle

Executive Globe Puzzle Features Magnetic metal jigsaw puzzle in the shape of the world globe Shiny silver stand Supplied in silver box

LL891 White Sliding Tile Ruler Puzzle

White Sliding Tile Ruler Puzzle 15cm Ruler and shuffle puzzle in one. Features 15cm-6 inch ruler calibrations on outside edges.

Puzzle – 100555

Puzzle with sliding tiles. Users reassemble the logo printed on the tiles.

White Sliding Tile Puzzle LL808

White Sliding Tile Puzzle Square shaped sliding puzzle ruler. 15 moveable tiles.