Branded multi-tool keyrings – promotional gifts. Provide your customers a present that simply continues giving with this selection of personalised multi tool keyrings. Stick out in the crowd at industry events. Make an effect at business conferences. And provide prospective customers a indication of the practical and fun company image.
Screw motorists, pen-knives, Brought lights, spirit levels and a whole lot. Our multi-tool keyrings offer numerous practical and helpful functions for everybody. From steering wheel gauges for motoring companies to trolley gold coin keyrings for supermarkets and stores, our selection of designs and styles is fantastic for individuals searching to up their marketing game.

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1354 Tool Keyring

Description : With LED torch this handy tool comes with a carabineer and is packaged in a black box.

G237 Mini Multi Tool with Led Torch

Mini multi-tool with LED torch light, supplied in gift tin. 

House Tape Measure GC0501

A novel 2 metre tape measure with push-button stopper

House Tape Measure Key Ring 100306

One metre house shaped locking tape measure key ring with both centimetres and inches on the metal tape.

K-127 Cythera Box Opener

Mini key chain box opener with a retractable blade that springs back automatically. Not to be used by children.

K-158 Tape Measure w/ Level Key Chain

A 914mm tape measure with a level, metal tape, square shape and a key chain.Measures up to 914mm U.S. Measurements may apply.

K-313 Mini Tape Measure

A mini tape measure key chain with a metal tape. Measures up to 914mm. U.S. Measurements may apply.

Key Chain Tyre Gauge T-673

Key Chain Tyre Gauge - An aluminium tyre gauge with a key chain clip attachment which calculates PSI up to 75 lbs.

Mini Cutter Key Ring 100296

Key ring with a retractable cutting blade that has a safety lock mechanism.

Tape Measure Key Ring 100308

Two metre tape measure key ring with both centimetres and inches on the metal tape.

Truck Tape Measure Keyring GC0503

Truck Tape Measure Keyring Product Details This 1 metre truck shaped measure includes Metric/Imperial measurements and keyring attachment.

Ultra Micro Tool G4933

Ultra Micro Tool Product Details Featuring bottle opener, 3 screw driver blades and knife blade, this tool attaches to your keyring so it is always there when you need it.

Vino Keyring C4639

Vino Keyring Product Details This multi-function keyring is made from quality stainless steel and features a handy corkscrew, bottle opener and cutter.