Promotional Marker Pens. Since marker pens are utilized by individuals of every age group to mark text, images or logos, they’re very effective as business marketing gifts. When individuals get such practical and helpful stationary as free offer products they have them within their bag or pocket, and every time they rely on them, your company logo is visible

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Spinner Highlighter – 113375

Spinner Highlighter  – 113375 Description Attention-grabbing set of three different coloured highlighters which features a novel stress relieving spinner. This

BIC Mark-It Permanent Marker Grip G3103

BIC® Mark-It Permanent Marker Description Fade-resistant ink 1.1mm Bullet nib for fine marking Comfortable rubberised grip Available Colours Green, Black, Red, Blue. Ink Refill

K-603 Mini Permanent Marker

A small permanent marker. Add a lanyard with a J-hook and a break away for an extra charge of $0.50/pc (C).

K-604 Mini St. Kitts White Board Marker

A non toxic dry erase whiteboard marker with an eraser and a magnet built into the cap.

Shifti Deluxe Multi Tool G3104

Shifti is our first ever multi tool which incorporates a shifting spanner and pliers

STYB K1 Highlight Marker LN34299

Pigmented gloss ink, long lasting colours. Maximum softness of stroke. Extra stong bevelled edge tip. 4mm line width. Safety cap double ink level viewer. Alum finishing on barrel - optional 4CP digital print on clip