Promotional Money Boxes

Promotional money boxes & piggy banks are a superb marketing idea to really get your company name and logo out for anyone to see. Especially this is a great marketing strategy for banks and investment organizations, promotional money boxes & piggy banks are a fun and practical giveaway for adults and children. Promotional money boxes & piggy banks are affordable and so they are best to use as promotional items and can be in your client eye for years to come. 

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Custom Colour / Design Coin Banks

Custom Colour Coin Banks All colours of our existing models can be changed: Minimum qty: 3,000 units up for most models. LL2408 , LL3598 , LL2406 - 5,000 units up. Custom Design Coin Bank The designs on catalogue pages 146-147 (15-16 Catalogue) showcase the type of shapes that work best for custom design coin banks. Minimum order is usually 5,000 units depending on complexity, size, weight, print details, number of paint colours and packaging. Cartoon concepts with round edges usually work best. Send in your design brief with ideas and work closely with our creative design team to create that perfect coin bank! Indent Ex China Factory 16-24 Weeks (negotiable)

LL240 Priscilla (Pink) / Patrick (Blue) Pig Coin Bank

Priscilla (Pink) / Patrick (Blue) Pig Coin Bank® Moulded from hard flexible. Screw off nose cone.

LL2408 Micro Piglet Coin Bank

Micro Piglet Coin Bank® Our smallest pig coin bank, moulded from flexible PVC, with removable nose cone. Choice of 4 bright fluro colours.

LL241 House Coin Bank

House Coin Bank® Moulded from flexible PVC (almost unbreakable) with screw off bung at base. Perfect for real estate agencies, remodeling, construction companies, mortgage brokers, insurance agencies, home repair companies, banks, financial institutions and any company with a message about saving.

Piggy Bank – 100572

Traditional piggy bank with a removable plug in the base so can be re-used.

World’s Smallest Pig Coin Bank

Polystyrene coin bank with removable coin release bung at base.