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Multifunction Pedometer 100905

Smart multifunction pedometer with a belt clip. It records the number of steps taken, total distance travelled and calories burnt.

Pedometer – C435A

Health and fitness is key and when clients and customers know that their health is valued, your logo will be making a splash in all the best ways

Pedometer Plus G7727

Leading authorities recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day

Shape Pedometer G75

Shape Pedometer Product Details Simple to use with upright facing display, this pedometer measures steps while on the move. Available in black or white with clear acrylic outer casing.

Wellbeing Pedometer G7730

Wellbeing Pedometer Product Details This stylish pedometer measures steps, distance, calories and the amount of time you have spent exercising. Featuring a body fat analyzer, BMI (body mass index) calculator and motion sensitivity adjustment.