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When it comes to business, exposure is a good thing and our innovative and exciting range of merchandise is designed to ensure that businesses everywhere receive the attention and exposure that they deserve. In an age when image is of paramount importance, enterprises both large and small need to pay close attention to the issue of brand awareness and if proprietors and marketing managers want to bring their business to the attention of the public, they really do need to include branded merchandise in the equation. Most businesses attend trade fairs and corporate events these days and such functions do indeed give companies the chance to promote themselves in an effective fashion, especially if they make quality free gifts along the lines of promotional outdoor sets readily available to customers and members of the general public. With our help, commercial ventures really can put themselves on top of the pile.


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Active Cooling Sweat Band – 112978

Active Cooling Sweat Band – 112978 Description Futuristic lightweight head sweat band that uses cooling towel technology. It remains comfortable

Alfresco Picnic Blanket – 112792

1200mm x 1370mm woven polyester fleece picnic blanket with a waterproof PE backing

Aloha Beach Mat – 113724

Aloha Beach Mat – 113724 Description 1860mm x 610mm beach mat which is manufactured from thick woven polypropylene fibre. It

Bahama Beach Umbrella – 113112

Bahama Beach Umbrella – 113112 Description Large 113cm rib length, eight-panel beach umbrella with a showerproof polyester canopy which has

Basketball Promo – 118595

Basketball Promo – 118595 Description Size 7 Basketball which is suitable for events and leisure. Manufactured from standard grade synthetic

Bike Seat Cover – 112543

Wet bike seats are a thing of the past with this handy waterproof seat cover which has its own drawstring bag

BLUNT Classic Umbrella – 118437

BLUNT Classic Umbrella – 118437 Description BLUNT’s original full-size, full-length and fully tensioned high-performance umbrella is the must-have companion for

BLUNT Coupe Umbrella – 118436

BLUNT Coupe Umbrella – 118436 Description The Exec is the largest full-length street umbrella in the BLUNT range and is

BLUNT Exec Umbrella – 118438

BLUNT Exec Umbrella – 118438 Description The Exec is the largest full-length street umbrella in the BLUNT range and is

BLUNT Metro Umbrella – 118435

BLUNT Metro Umbrella – 118435 Description The BLUNT Metro umbrella is compact, convenient, collapsible, and perfectly sized to provide excellent

Carlton Polar Fleece Blanket – 112556

1800mm x 1300mm soft fleecy blanket which is ideal for use at home or any outdoor event

Cirrus Umbrella – Elite – 118690

Cirrus Umbrella – Elite – 118690 Description Premium 59cm, eight-panel automatic opening umbrella which has a polyester canopy with a

Dakota Picnic Blanket – 112565

Exceptional 1800mm x 1350mm picnic blanket that folds into a compact unit with a neat zippered closure and a carry handle

Denver Picnic Blanket – 112559

Smart 1800mm x 1300mm picnic blanket that folds into a compact unit which has a Velcro closure and a carry handle

Gemini Inverted Umbrella – 113242

Gemini Inverted Umbrella – 113242 Description Radical eight-panel inverted umbrella which will open or close inside out through a building

Hydra Umbrella – Elite – 118691

Hydra Umbrella – Elite – 118691 Description Premium 76cm, eight-panel automatic opening sports umbrella which has a polyester canopy with

Jive Skipping Rope – 112976

Jive Skipping Rope – 112976 Description Affordable skipping rope with a strong 2.6m braided rope and comfortable plastic handles. A

Light Sabre Umbrella – 113154

Light Sabre Umbrella – 113154 Description Stay dry and safe anywhere in the universe with the Light Sabre Umbrella. This

Oslo Luxury Blanket – 112592

Luxurious 1524mm x 1270mm soft fleecy blanket which is ideal for use at home or at any outdoor event

PEROS Boutique Umbrella – 202838

PEROS Boutique Umbrella – 202838 Description The Peros Boutique umbrella has a trendy, natural wood hook-handle and shaft which adds

PEROS Eagle Umbrella – 200537

PEROS Eagle Umbrella – 200537 Description The reliable PEROS Eagle Umbrella has a large eight-panel nylon canopy which is supported

PEROS Eagle Umbrella – Safety – 202701

PEROS Eagle Umbrella – Safety – 202701 Description The highly visible PEROS Eagle Umbrella is the ideal choice for safety

PEROS Eagle Umbrella – Silver – 202699

PEROS Eagle Umbrella – Silver – 202699 Description The reliable PEROS Eagle silver umbrella offers UPF50+ sun protection making it

PEROS Economist Umbrella – 120122

PEROS Economist Umbrella – 120122 Description The PEROS Economist Umbrella has all the features of a high-end folding umbrella at

The complete Promotional Sport and Leisure package

From balls to Frisbees and from BBQ equipment to a compass, if companies want customised merchandise which focuses on the leisure side of things, we’re more than happy to oblige and the best part is these great advertising tools come with a price tag that even the most cost conscious of enterprises will find appealing. Gimmicks and throw-away gifts are all well and good, but if business owners really want to move on to the next level and cement their place as a ‘big player’, they need to look towards themed items of the quality variety. The likes of premium grade promotional sports gear and luxury travel rugs will brighten up any corporate function and one thing’s for sure, they’ll bring people flocking to that trade stand. If campaign managers are looking for the complete package when it comes to logo emblazoned items, they need look no further than ourselves.