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The fact that other consumers are exposed to your logo when  the is parked in the street. As a result they provide an extremely cost-effective way to reach a large audience. Other forms of promotional advertising that offer similar coverage are generally far more expensive. They cannot match vehicle accessories in terms of longevity. Our range of car sunshades, branded car chargers and printed chamois can all be personalised with your printed messages.

The truth that other customers are exposed to your logo when the car is parked on the road. Because of this they supply an extremely cost-effective way to get to a huge audience. Other types of marketing advertising that use similar coverage are usually far more pricey. They can not match lorry accessories in terms of durability. Our series of auto sunshades, top quality automobile chargers and published chamois can all be customised with your published messages.

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Auto Safety Light – 112558

Powerful three-function vehicle safety light with a strong magnetic base which allows it to be attached to a vehicle that is parked or immobilised on the side of the road at night

Berg Multi-Tool – 118111

Berg Multi-Tool – 118111 Description XD’s impeccable design and functionality ensure the Berg Multi-Tool is a standout gift that will

Bronco Multi-Tool – 115036

Bronco Multi-Tool – 115036 Description Compact nine-function multi-tool with a clip which has seven tools that flip out of the

Car Sunshade Set – 112891

Set of two car sunshades for rear car door windows which can be branded in spot colour or full colour

Dom Multi-Tool – 118112

Dom Multi-Tool – 118112 Description XD’s timeless design and superior quality ensures the Dom Multi-Tool is a discerning gift that

Flare Torch Power Bank – 115531

Flare Torch Power Bank – 115531 Description Rechargeable aluminium torch with a 2200mAh power bank. The input power is 5V/500mA

Glare Magnetic COB Light – 112386

Super bright light wand that has a magnet for attaching it to a fridge or other metal surfaces so it is always at hand

Gyro Rechargeable Fan – 114192

Gyro Rechargeable Fan – 114192 Description A handy personal fan with three power settings which is ideal for use at

Mini Screwdriver Set – 112385

Small pocket screwdriver set which has two conventional and two Phillips screwdriver heads

Screwmagnet – 115179

Screwmagnet – 115179 Description Exciting new multi-purpose tool for builders, electricians, mechanics, engineers, plumbers and all tradesmen. It is also

Swiss Peak 3-in-1 Safety Charger – 118868

Swiss Peak 3-in-1 Safety Charger – 118868 Description Swiss Peak design flair is evident in this dual port, 3-in-1 safety

Targa Multi-Tool Set – 113245

Targa Multi-Tool Set – 113245 Description A multi–tool (or multitool) is a hand tool that combines several individual functions in a single unit. The

Vehicle Safety Tool – 114020

Vehicle Safety Tool – 114020 Description Compact multi-function metal safety tool for vehicles. It has a hammer for breaking glass,

Swiss Peak 10W Cree Torch – 112174

Large 10W metal torch with an adjustable beam which is fitted with Cree brand ultra-bright LEDs

Swiss Peak 4-in-1 Speaker – 112163

The unique Swiss Peak 4-in-1 Speaker is an essential multi-purpose device for camping, tramping, hunting, boating, barbeques, outdoor events or at the beach

PC2211 Comma Shape Tape Measure with Ballpen

Material: ABS  Description: 1.Solid white body with clear cap  2.With ball pen and keychain  3. 1M white blade with metric/inch scale. MOQ: 500pcs

1312 Car Kit

Description : 6 piece set including mug, coin holder, sunglass visor clip, key light (incl 1 x LR41 battery), non slip pad and tire gauge. All items supplied inside the drink holder.

1354 Tool Keyring

Description : With LED torch this handy tool comes with a carabineer and is packaged in a black box.

2006 Compact Aluminium Torch

Description : Aluminum torch with nine LED globes supplied with batteries and black gift box

2534 Multi Tool

Description : Nine fold multi tool with rubber coated metal handles supplied with 10 piece attachment. Set and pouch supplied in a black gift box

2540 13 Function Multi Tool

Description : Stainless steel multi tool which has 13 functions and an aluminium grip. Includes a black pouch and presented in a black hinged gift box.

4-In-1 2 Metre Tape Measure LL1402

4-In-1 2 Metre Tape Measure 4 in 1 Tape Measure. Includes belt clip, pen, note pad, spirit level & 2m/6f tape measure.

5 Metre Tape Measure 100911

Locking tape measure with a tough impact resistant rubber outer case and a five metre metal tape featuring both inches and centimetres. Also has a belt clip and a wrist strap.

Branded Auto Products

For companies that are interested in using a set of products that have been customised to their particular requirements, we are happy to advise and help in any way that we can. A collection of complementary items make an excellent gift for valued customers and when used together their combined effect can be more powerful than when used in isolation. Branded covers that look stylish are a very popular promo tool at the moment and we can highly recommend them to companies operating in all areas. The problem with a lot of corporate giveaways is that they are often of little value but because car owners have a genuine need for items that offer protection against the sun, products that are designed with this purpose in mind are always appreciated. We supply custom printed Auto Products & Tools to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and everywhere in between across Australia. Please request a quote for marketing custom printed Auto Products & Tools and we'll email a quote ASAP. Our range of promotional car sunshades, printed car chargers and chamois can all be personalised with your printed messages. Steering Mates and promotional car fresheners are just a couple of the accessories that we have to offer our customers.