Do Promotional Products Really Work?

Do Promotional Products Really Work

Have you ever wondered whether it was worth it or not for your business to invest in promotional products? Various studies have discovered that promotional products do actually work and provide many benefits for businesses right across Australia.

But how do promotional products actually work, and why are they beneficial for your business? In this article, we’ll be discussing all of this and more. Please continue reading below if you would like to learn how promotional products can work for your business.

How Do Promotional Products Work?

Promotional products are useful and tangible items that are imprinted with your company logo or a message to help enhance brand awareness among consumers and potential customers.

While they seem very simple and straightforward, they are remarkably influential marketing tools because you can engage more directly with consumers. Promotional products and corporate gifts can be considered as one of the only forms of advertising where consumers can physically interact with your brand.

Because consumers can physically interact with your brand, they are able to develop more meaningful and memorable experiences with your brand. 

Do Promotional Products Really Work

Do Branded Products Work?

The quick answer? Yes! Branded promotional products do work. In fact, it was found that 88% of promotional product recipients remember the advertiser’s name on the products; 85% of recipients perform business with the advertiser on the product, and 83% of people enjoy receiving promotional products. 

A study conducted in 2016 by the Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI) discovered that most people keep promotional products for an average of about eight months. This means that your business is advertised in front of someone longer than a simple ad or website pop-up.

The ASI study even discovered that 63% of individuals from the U.S. and 64% of individuals from Canada give away their promotional products once they are finished with them. This helps increase the chances of obtaining brand ambassadors who can help increase brand exposure to potential consumers. 

According to, personalised coffee mugs also are an effective promotional product as 57% of people recalled the advertiser on the mug. This demonstrates that even a humble coffee mug can deliver effective value for your investment.

These statistics alone prove that promotional products not only work but are very effective and influential forms of advertising. You will be able to establish and sustain a great working relationship with your consumers and allow them to always keep your brand in mind in anything that they do.

Other Ways Promotional Products Work

There are various other ways that promotional products work and provide benefits for your customers. Here are just a few of them:

1). Low-cost Marketing

Spending money on advertising campaigns can be tricky especially for small businesses. However, with promotional products, you won’t need to shell out money on large campaigns. This is because most promotional merchandise has low mass-production costs.

Instead, you can choose promotional products – a low-cost marketing strategy that can help sustain brand recognition and awareness for months to come. 

Do Promotional Products Really Work

2). Customer Loyalty

Promotional products can help foster customer loyalty. People will not only remember and recognise your brand but will also be encouraged to go to your brand to meet needs related to your industry.

Therefore, it is important to release promotion material that is relevant to your customer base. It is important to be smart about what products you release. Some tips to consider is to release products that have high utility value in order to attract your customers to use your products often. 

This helps make your brand much more reliable and encourage loyalty from your customers.

3). Better Than Business Cards

Promotional products can even be considered better than traditional business cards. They both function in the same way of providing more recognition and awareness to your brand, but promotional products are much more useful for everyday life.

While business cards simply introduce your business, promotional products can do the same but provide better results. MarketingSherpa’s research revealed that 71.6% of people who received promotional products remembered the name of the company that gave the product to them. You may not see these results with a simple business card. 

Promotional items can also contain information about your business, so there are ways you can still introduce your business the way you would with a business card. 


Promotional products have been proven to be effective marketing tools for your business. They allow your brand to be recognised easily, to establish a loyal customer base, and to encourage other individuals to engage more with your business.

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