Promotional Crayons. Providing kids with promotional crayons is a kind gesture, and it will also make your company’s logo and name highly visible for the kids and their parents at the table. This box of four brightly coloured promotional crayons is a great positive image builder. This colourful box of promotional crayons is an ideal giveaway for restaurants, schools, libraries, and more. The trick to maximizing the use of promotional crayons is to place convenient imprints that can draw the target audiences. Promotional crayons are great for promoting child safety programs and a perfect family restaurant giveaway. As well as being great for children, promotional crayons are the perfect cost-effective addition to show bags. These promotional crayons are excellent promotional giveaway items, especially for children, and are perfect merchandise ideas for those areas involved with children, such as schools, after school cares or children’s hospitals. A fun, affordable and effective promotional product, these excellent promotional crayons are sure to serve your business well. 

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Assorted Colour Crayons in Cardboard Tube LL8905

30 assorted non toxic crayons in unbleached cardboard tube

Crayon Set 109032

Six assorted colour crayons in a cardboard box.

Set of 4 Extendable Wax Highlight Markers in Case LL1219

Set of 4 mini extendable wax highlight markers in case. Works on a variety of paper surfaces and will not bleed through the paper. Will not dry out if left uncapped.