8 Cheap Promotional Products & Giveaway Ideas For Christmas

8 Cheap Promotional Products Giveaway Ideas Christmas

This holiday season, you might be trying to figure out what promotional product or giveaway idea will help your business grow. After all, with Christmas right around the corner, many people are scrambling to find a last-minute gift idea. If you’re thinking about how you can give back this year, try these eight cheap promotional products and giveaway ideas for Christmas! 

Benefits Of Promotional Products For Christmas

Christmas is a time for celebration. One of the best ways to celebrate with your business this season is with promotional products! 

It’s the perfect time to invest in a promotional product. Christmas is near and you want your customers or employees excited about their gifts. Why not provide them with something they will love? There are plenty of ways that these promotional products and giveaways will help your company in its efforts towards promotion success this season. For example, promotional items are an excellent way of showing off company pride. It can also give your company an edge over competitor businesses that sell similar products. 

Holiday promotional products are sure to provide an opportunity for increased customer engagement especially as most people are turning to companies for their holiday shopping! 

Some ideas of cheap promotional products and giveaway ideas for Christmas include the following:

1). Christmas Stress Balls

Christmas stress balls are great products to distribute at Christmas parties. They can come in all shapes and sizes to fit the holiday vibe. For example, you could give out stress balls that are shaped like a snowman. Branding the ball with your logo will be sure to remind anyone who uses the Christmas stress ball of your company.

2). Festive Holiday Mugs

Mugs are one of the most popular products out there. A festive holiday mug will be the perfect gift for Christmas hot chocolate and eggnog. Adding creative designs that combine your company’s branding is the way to go with this promotional product!

3). Tote Bags

Tote bags have become an increasingly popular product in recent years. Anyone can use a tote bag whether it be in the holiday season or not. Similar to the mugs, you can add a creative and eye-catching design to the tote bag while combining this design with your company’s branding. By giving out promotional products, customers will recognise that your company values practicality. This will definitely attract customers to your company.

8 Cheap Promotional Products Giveaway Ideas Christmas

4). Planners

It may be Christmas, but the new year is right around the corner. Your customers or employees will need a new planner to help keep them on track for the coming year. This makes planners the perfect promotional product to giveaway in the holidays. Since planners are something used every day, adding your company logo will constantly remind users of your brand.

5). Calendars

Similar to planners, calendars are practical and useful items to give away this Christmas. The best part about calendars is they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs that can best represent your company. Whether you choose desk calendars, wall calendars, or more, these products are perfect for the holidays!

6). Christmas-Themed Pens

Pens are useful no matter what season of the year it is. They’re practical, flexible, and can be customised in an infinite amount of ways. This makes them an ideal and timeless giveaway item for the holidays.  

7). Notepads

Giving away Christmas notepads can match with your employees’ and customers’ Christmas-themed pens! You could give the pens and notepads away as a set or choose to give the notepads on their own. The best part about promotional items is not only that they’re cheap but that you have all the creative freedom in your hands!

8). Snow Globes

Of course, what better product is there to give for Christmas than the snow globe? As paperweight, they become even more useful, especially in the corporate setting. Anyone would find a snowglobe to be a fun and whimsical gift to receive this holiday. 


We hope that these eight promotional products and ideas will help you to promote your business and build customer loyalty this Christmas season. If you’re looking for promotional products to give away this holiday, feel free to contact our business today!

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