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Bic Intensity Clic Gel G1315

Ultra smooth gel roller with automatic clip retracting mechanism.

Jewel Stylus Pen G55729

Twist action retractable ballpoint metal pen with a soft rubberized gripping section, chrome accents and a built in soft touch stylus in matching colour.

Metal Touchscreen Stylus G55661

Slim profile multi-function pen featuring ballpoint and stylus. Glossy coloured barrel featuring shiny metal trim.

Multi-Colour Twist Black G55725

Twist-Action Retractable, Heavy in weight with Silver colour accents

Slim Metal GY214

  Shiny nickel and satin chrome attributes, exclusive curved clip design, body action retractable ballpoint.

Tri-Tone Twist GY215

  Twist action retractable ballpoint, satin chrome and nickel plated accents, jewel toned colours and stock cap slogans available