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If you think about it, bags are essential for everyone. A student needs it to carry books to and from the university; a kid needs a schoolbag; an athlete needs a sports bag to carry sports equipment; a runner needs a bag to carry a spare pair of shoes; an office person needs a laptop bag; a musician to keep stack of their CDs in an organised way and so on. A bag is a must when traveling; when planning a summery day at the beach; or even for a days shopping. BAGS & CONFERENCE items Bags are a necessity of life and are used by virtually every age group in one shape of form.

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Thus, it is essential to have a good high quality and comfortable bag to promote your brand, and that’s where PromoSource comes into action! The sheer range of eco-friendly promotional bags offered by PromoSource is astounding. Here, you can get your bag of choice customised for your next outing, event, business or everyday use. We stock bags for every possible need; no matter what the end use, a customised promotional bag can be designed especially for your desired brand image.

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Anzio Cotton Tote Bag – 112919

140gsm cotton tote bag with a large gusset and binding on the edges for added strength

Lorenzo Cotton Tote Bag – 112921

140gsm cotton tote bag with a large gusset and binding on the edges for added strength

Milano Toiletry Bag – 112911

Toiletry and cosmetics bag which is manufactured from 140gsm cotton and is branded in spot colour or full colour on both sides at no extra cost

Rembrandt Cotton Tote Bag – 112920

Strong 140gsm cotton tote bag which is branded in full colour on both sides

Bond Phone Wallet – 112233

Classy leather-look PU phone wallet with trendy white stitching

Festive Ice Bucket – 112192

Handy 4.4L portable ice bucket that folds flat for easy storage and transportation when not in use.

Frankfurt Slinger Bag – 112352

Messenger style tote bag with a shoulder strap and a gusset which is manufactured from 80gsm PET

Frost Cooler Bag – 111755

Personal 4.2L cooler bag which has a stylish retail inspired design and is ideal for lunches.

Hanover Tote Bag – 112343

Large tote bag with a gusset which is manufactured from 80gsm PET

C004 Polished Metal Connector

Polished Metal Connector Colours: as shown

PCL05 Nylon Lanyard

Nylon Lanyard Nylon Ribbed style Lanyard Colours: White, Black, yellow, Yellow/Gold, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Light Red, Green, Grey

PCL10 Poly Satin Lanyard

Poly Satin Lanyard Satin finish Lanyard Colours: White, Black, yellow, Yellow/Gold, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Light Red, Green, Grey

#9018 Leather Travel Wallet

Description : Travel wallet finished in split leather with sections for credit cards, money and passport.

#9084 Leather Wallet & Jotter

Description : In soft Nappa leather with pen and 40 page notepad supplied in a two part gift box

1041 Motion Duffle

Roll into motion with the quality features of the Motion Duffle, including shoe tunnel, contrast panels and huge 50 litre capacity.

1304 Luggage Tag/Lock

Description : TSA-compliant combination lock and luggage tag.

1372 Combination Lock and Luggage Tag

Description : Exclusive set with matt silver coloured luggage lock and aluminium luggage tag with black leather tie.

15mm Lanyard – Ribbed Polyester – LP15

Keep organised and visible with this conference essential

185T Retractable Badge Holder Transparent

Description : The office companion. With metal carabineer hook and retractable cord. Available in 2 colours.

199 Square Retractable Badge Holder

Description : The office companion retractable badge holder with retractable cord, a great way to secure your security pass. 

We have a Promotional Bag for everybody

Promotional bags, by the very name, helps you in your brand promotion. If you are a company, you can get a bag, tote or satchel imprinted with your company name and/or logo and gift it to your employees and customers. When an individual carries a bag imprinted with your company name, it will mean free broad publicity for your brand. Your brand name will constantly be in front of not just your employees’ and customers’ eyes, but the eyes of all those they come in contact with, spreading the brand. And, since these bags are made from recyclable materials, handing them out to your customers for school or office use will give you positive publicity and recognition. 

Smart, and it’s not complicated, just name your desire, and our team will make it happen for you in record time. This is a very economical way to market your brand. Here are two major benefits that you can enjoy with a promotional bag:
• Best marketing technique: Giving away bags engraved with your name and logo is one of the easiest and surest ways to market your brand. The response from consumers to this marketing technique has been massive, and many brands across Australia have started ordering our customised giveaways. As bags are visible at all times, they become prominent means of publicity at workplaces and for special events. They are a great way to expand your customer base. Yet another reason to use bags as promotional give-aways is that they offer a lot of flexibility to incorporate design and styles of your choice. There is a lot of room to experiment with materials, colours and sizes.
• Brand remembrance: There are many Australian companies that have chosen to use customised bags for their promotional campaigns. Opting for this promotional technique helps brands ensure their logo is recognised and identified. Studies have shown that customers tend to buy from brands they recognise.
The Future of Promo Bags
Research has highlighted the fact that there is a growing opportunity for companies to get promotional bags online, as the use of promo bags is not very common among Australian citizens. This gives a lot of scope to companies to invest in a cost-effective promotional method. Companies might also be interested to know that the exposure of promotional bags in Brisbane is considerably less compared to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, providing an opportunity to be seen as a leader in that market. They could work out strategies and plans to make them common and easily available to improve their advertisement policies within the local Brisbane market. 
When we draw a comparison between other promotional items and bags, there is a visible and notable difference which says that bags stick around with the people for a longer period of time than mugs - that break, t-shirts - that are worn out or stationary - that is easily lost. 
Quality and Types of Promotional Bags
We guarantee that the quality of the bags you get customised by our team will be incomparable and matchless. You can now send out promotional bags with logo made out of finest quality materials to your customers. They sport cool designs and are very easy to carry. 
There are many different types of bags, including sling bags, backpacks, sports bags, cooler bags, toiletry bags, travelling bags, CD cases and even wallets. Let us know what kind of event you need it for and our extremely professional staff will make a bag that meets your needs perfectly. 
• Woven bags
These bags are an excellent way to carry groceries from the shopping mall to your home. This way you won’t be forced to use environmentally unfriendly plastic bags. One of the plus points to woven bags is that they can be used over and over again unlike plastic disposable bags. These environmentally friendly bags can be folded neatly and can be stored in a small space easily until you take it out for it’s next use. You could get the promotional logo printed with a number of different colors. 
• Cooler bags
Such bags are a great promotional handout option because every person needs to carry water and other eatables with them if they are going to be away from home for a major part of their day. Especially in summers, you need cold water to freshen up and when you’re at the office you need your food kept warm until its lunch time. Other times, when you’re out for a picnic or to watch the local football match, you will surely need such a bag. Cooler bags contain a bottle holder, a spoon holder and many other small pockets for convenience. Such promotional bags are highly visible and practical.
• Backpacks 
Backpacks come in handy, whether it is a university student or an office manager. These bags have sufficient space for carrying books, stationary, laptops, a water bottle and many other gadgets and necessities. Backpacks has different compartments that will help organise different things with ease. Backpacks with a logo printed on them have proven to be a real popular way to gain further brand exposure.
• Sports bags 
These bags are essential for every sport’s minded person, from the average weekend golf hacker, the mum running the kids to their games, the gym junkie, to the professional athlete. It will keep you transport, organise your cherished sports clothes, shoes and equipment. They come in various colours and shades. Nylon material is used to ensure that the bag is both durable as well as fashionable. This will be a super option for advertising and exposure. 
• Paper bags 
Many countries today are trying their best to eliminate the use of plastic bags. Some have put a price on plastic bags while other countries are starting awareness campaigns to encourange citizens to minimise their use. Such policies will reintroduce the use of paper bags back into the mainstream consumer market. Imagine your logo on a environmentally friendly custom promotional bags used by people throughout the country; your brand’s name is what’s going to be on the minds of people therefore drawing positive sentiment to the brand.
In addition, this is the most cost effectual way to publicise your brand. Have a logo woven, printed or engraved on durable and reusable paper bags. It can be customised the way you want it, by size, colours and shape - altered according to your preferences. Ideal use as hand out gifts at an event, corporate media package or to simply carry magazines and files. 
Attaching a handle further enhances the utility of promotional paper bags and comfort as convenient shopping bags. These environmentally friendly bags will announce your ‘Green Statement’ to you audience.
• Beach bags
We make these bags a little more stylish, fashionable, eye catchy and very practical. People will be drawn to the very appearance of it. Chic, effortless to carry and affordable at the same time. Although they are labelled as beach bags they can be used in a number of different ways, from going shopping, for groceries, to picnics, school or for going to the office. Beach bags will look fabulous with any message or with the name of your company. Mix n match the styles, colours and message to suit your brands image and demographics of your audience. 
Things to Remember
With so many choices, it becomes confusing to choose a good promotional bag. Therefore, keep these pointers in mind while thinking of giving away branded promotional bags:
• Don’t use a bag that is ordinary, familiar or typical (Experiment surprise your audience). Make it sensational and fabulous, something people would ask “where did you get it from?”. 
• Keep its design your first priority and advertising second. Go for the best material within budget, choose vibrant and attractive colours and give the bag a phenomenal look. Keep it from looking mainstream and common.
• Take a note of this - that a huge bag won’t work, the reason being is that people have to carry it throughout the day. Make it easier for them by keeping the size moderate.
• If you decide to print a logo, experiment with the styles, you can get it printed, engraved or embroidered. Use a number of techniques rather than sticking with the same one you have always employed. Make sure the size of the message or logo matches perfectly with the size of the bag. 
• Be careful that it doesn’t look dated or out of step with latest trends.
Why us?
Researches make it very clear that fashionable, well designed and high quality promotional bags will be used for seven months or more, which is a long period of time for your brand to be advertised, broadcasted and promoted. We are happy to say that we have gained command and mastery in creating and selling promotional products that will last that duration and beyond. Our name now sits proudly in the list of those rare companies that supply superlative quality bags to clients across Australia. 
The benefit of going with our company is that you will find the most appropriate promotional bags. We make sure that the final product is something to be pleased with. Clients are treated in a courteous and humble manner. All the staff we hire are unfailingly friendly, helpful and professional. They will pay the utmost attention to any queries and questions you may have, and every concern will be taken care of immediately. We welcome feedback and never discourage complaints because we believe there is always room for improvement in our quality and service. We welcome you with open arms and look forward to ‘bagging’ your business.

Promotional Bags

Although they can hardly be described as innovative, the range of backpacks, satchels, beach bags and similar items that we can supply, with your company name hand-woven or screen printed on the fabric, are a fantastic way to reach a large number of consumers at a surprisingly low cost. Advertising in this manner has been used to great effect by companies both large and small in the past and continues to be a popular method of marketing in many different industries. We have a great selection of bags in a range of categories that is bound to include something that is just right for your company and the image that it is trying to project. To make a lasting impression on your customers, it is worth thinking about presenting them with personalised promotional bags and themed holdalls that they will use on a regular basis, thereby giving you excellent exposure. 

Rucksacks appeal to the younger generation and can carry your company name to many countries around the world for a fraction of the amount it would cost to advertise in international publications. Executive luggage can provide similar exposure but appeals to an entirely different type of person. Your logo can be printed on a wide variety of such products so there is no limit to the type of people that you can reach when using customised screen printed bags to get your message across. Wallets are an excellent choice for firms that sell goods designed to appeal to men and toiletry bags always go down well with the fairer sex.  Whatever product you choose from this range, we can assure you that it has been manufactured to exacting standards and, in common with our other branded promo items, bags with your company logo embroidered on the front are competitively priced. Promotional Bags look fantastic with your company logo embroidered or screen printed, a useful and appreciated corporate gift or promotional item. Promotional bags come is various options including, Backpacks, Beach Bags, Computer Bags, Cooler Bags, Non Woven bags, Travel and Garment Bags as well as Wallets. Browse the categories below to find the perfect Promotional Bag for your company. We supply Corporate Branded Bags to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart and everywhere in between.