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Nano USB Hub – 112576

Smart aluminium USB hub with four ports and a USB 2

Orbit Wireless Charger – White – 114085

Orbit Wireless Charger – White – 114085 Description Next-generation 5W wireless phone charger that will charge devices that are enabled

Radiant Wireless Charger – Round – 114018

Radiant Wireless Charger – Round – 114018 Description Attention-grabbing 5W round wireless phone charger that produces a light show of

Rave Bluetooth Speaker – 113022

Rave Bluetooth Speaker – 113022 Description Exciting Bluetooth speaker which produces high definition stereo sound and has a stunning seven

Tron USB Hub – 112562

Circular USB hub with four ports and a USB 2

5 Port Wonder Wall Charger

5 USB Port Wall Charger with SAA Australian standards compliance certification. Figure 8 mains power lead with 2 Pin Plug, 5V Output & each USB port capped at maximum of 2.4A by smart chip.

Dual 50cm Micro USB/8 Pin Connector Cable

Dual 50cm micro USB/8 pin connector cable to charge any phone/device that has a Micro USB or 8 pin input.

Dual USB Car Charger TE2509

Charge your Phone and Tablet while travelling in the car?so the entertainment never has to end! Dual USB Car Charger lights up when plugged in and features two USB?s - the 2

Family Light Up 3 in 1 Cable

3 in 1 USB connector cable with micro USB, 8 pin & 30 pin, data transfer and charging. Choice of 4 illuminating coloured rings. Unit lights up when plugged in. Mix and match with other Family items. Combine quantities of each product to make up to a qty break (ie min 25 units) and only pay 1 set up charge. Optional EVA black zippered pouch available at additional cost.

Retractable 3-in-1 Charging Cable 110918

Convenient retractable triple connector cable which is effectively three cables in one and will work with virtually all smart phones.

Spirit Techno Kit TE2800

Spirit Techno Kit ensures all your mobile charging and sound are kept in one place