Promotional Multi Tools

Promotional printed multi-tools are practical and versatile products that can showcase your brand in a unique way. They are compact and easy to carry, making them useful for everyday activities. Printing your brand on multi-tools creates a mobile advertising platform, exposing your brand to a wide audience. Multi-tools are great giveaway items for loyal customers, employees, or partners. This helps to build strong relationships and increase brand loyalty.

High-quality materials and designs are important for creating a durable and appealing product. Multi-tools come in many styles and functions, including screwdrivers, pliers, knives, and more. This makes it easy to choose one that fits your brand’s image and target audience. Multi-tools are an effective way to increase brand exposure, attract new customers, and improve customer loyalty. They are a cost-effective way to enhance your overall marketing strategy. By providing a practical and useful product that has your branding on it, you create a positive association with your brand. Promotional printed multi-tools are a valuable part of your marketing efforts that can drive business growth and success.

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Berg Multi-Tool – 118111

Berg Multi-Tool – 118111 Description XD’s impeccable design and functionality ensure the Berg Multi-Tool is a standout gift that will

Bronco Multi-Tool – 115036

Bronco Multi-Tool – 115036 Description Compact nine-function multi-tool with a clip which has seven tools that flip out of the

Dom Multi-Tool – 118112

Dom Multi-Tool – 118112 Description XD’s timeless design and superior quality ensures the Dom Multi-Tool is a discerning gift that

Targa Multi-Tool Set – 113245

Targa Multi-Tool Set – 113245 Description A multi–tool (or multitool) is a hand tool that combines several individual functions in a single unit. The

Vehicle Safety Tool – 114020

Vehicle Safety Tool – 114020 Description Compact multi-function metal safety tool for vehicles. It has a hammer for breaking glass,

Swiss Peak 4-in-1 Speaker – 112163

The unique Swiss Peak 4-in-1 Speaker is an essential multi-purpose device for camping, tramping, hunting, boating, barbeques, outdoor events or at the beach

1354 Tool Keyring

Description : With LED torch this handy tool comes with a carabineer and is packaged in a black box.

2534 Multi Tool

Description : Nine fold multi tool with rubber coated metal handles supplied with 10 piece attachment. Set and pouch supplied in a black gift box

2540 13 Function Multi Tool

Description : Stainless steel multi tool which has 13 functions and an aluminium grip. Includes a black pouch and presented in a black hinged gift box.

Bottle Opener Tool

Handy bottle opener and 4 function multi-tool

D335 Hammer Multi Tool

Features   Stainless steel 9 function multi-tool Pouch made from nylon with belt strap

D379 Multi Tool

Features   Stainless steel 9 function multi-tool Black pouch with velcro closure

D762 Standard Multi Tool

Features: Stainless steel multi-tool 9 implements

D763 Traveller Kit

Traveller Kit Features Kit consists of 9 function deluxe multi tool, D758 concord torch, compass/thermometer Zippered black case with PVC patch Supplied in box

D789 9 Function Multi- Tool

Features   Stainless steel 9 function multi-tool set Black pouch with velcro closure

Elevate Haiduk 13-Function Pocket Knife EV1006

This compact 13-function pocket knife is the ideal companion for outdoor activities.

Frontier Multi Tool, Stainless Steel G2800

This is without doubt the ?Numero Uno? of multi tools

G229 Superior Large Toolset

Rosewood trim, 9 function multi-tool & 8 function pocket knife with multi head attachments. Zipped nylon case. 

G237 Mini Multi Tool with Led Torch

Mini multi-tool with LED torch light, supplied in gift tin. 

G46T Hercules Mini Multi Tool

Product Details: This 12 function mini multi tool measures only 65mm in length. Available in metallic grey or blue and supplied in a deluxe nylon pouch

G4932 Ultra Card Tool

Product Details: This 10 function tool is constructed from solid Stainless Steel and supplied in plastic slimline gift box.

G4936 Hercules Multi Tool

Product Details - This feature-packed multi-tool has thirteen functions in a compact design. Supplied in a deluxe nylon pouch or combine it with the Universal Tape Measure for a great gift set.

G515 Mini Extreme Tool

High quality 13 function multi tool with blue alloy handles. Packed in black 600D nylon pouch. 

Printed Multi Tools

Multi tools can have a limited number to a whopping 20 tools in one go. These multi tools can make your life easier, and you cant deny their necessities. Although promotional multi tools can be used in a pinch when needed, in almost all cases if the full sized tool is available it will always function better. Knives on promotional multi tools may be sharpened the same as pocket, hunting and survival knives. Unlike standard multi tools, which only have one angle setting, fully indexable multi tools can achieve any angle setting on the workpiece. Naturally, some printed multi tools are better than others not all of them are created equal in the eyes of a the customer. Promotional Multi Tools are an absolute must for everyone. Our printed multi tools are great for camping, but also a must-have for emergency kits in your car or home. Our Multi Tools are crammed with fantastic features in a relatively lightweight and compact design. The standard by which other promotional multi tools are compared, Leatherman pulls no punches with the Charge TTI and equips it with the best materials and a comprehensive function list. Generally Multi tools are folding pliers that offer a variety of other tools which fold into the handle. Keychain Multi Tools are the most useful thing you can carry everyday, they may never be the best tool for the job, but theyre rarely the wrong one.

All Custom printed multi tools are designed to be portable, lighter in weight, and capable of being carrying around easily. While branded multi tools are easy to fit within the pocket, you will come across larger models as well. We supply custom printed promotional multi tools to Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, Hobart TAS, Canberra ACT and everywhere in between around Australia. Multi tools are viewed as reliable for light to medium jobs, provided these tasks are not too hard on hands. Multi tools are not for specialized uses; they are only for generic chores.