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BR553 Salt&Pepper Candle

Features   Vanilla scented candle Glass pots are hand blown, so there will be variances with each product Supplied in black Salt&Pepper gift box

BR554 Salt&Pepper Candle 3 Pack

Features   Pack of 3 votives Supplied in Salt&Pepper gift box with ribbon

BR562 Salt&Pepper Luxe Candle

Features   Gardenia scented candle Supplied in black & white Salt&Pepper gift box

CT001-c Scented Large Travel Candle Tin

Description: Printed natural candles are a safe and natural way to fragrance the home or the office. Our large sized soy travel tin candles are available in a range of aromatic fragrances that will arouse the senses. These long burning promotional candles are GM FREE and custom filled to order.

CT004-c Scented Medium Travel Candle Tin

Description: Custom label candles available in these mid sized travel candles tins make the perfect corporate gift for the home or the office. These stylish promotional candles are GM FREE and made from natural soy wax making them non toxic, biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides. These branded candles are longer, cooler and cleaner burning than standard paraffin candles, making them an eco friendly promotion for your business.

D332 Glass Candle

Features   Vanilla scented candle in glass jar

Seasons Lunar Scented Candle SE1427

A must have for every home. Exclusive scented candle in a glass jar with a light fragrance.

Soy Wax Travel Candle – L434

Shed some light of the environmental impacts of palm oil and expose your logo at the same time, with this elegant candle

VC002-c Scented Votive Candle

Description: Printed votive Candles, made with natural soy and available in a range of aromatic fragrances. Individually gift boxed. GM Free. These natural printed candles are custom filled to order.