What Are The Promotional Tools Of Event Marketing? 

What Promotional Tools Event Marketing 2nd

Are you planning an upcoming event? Does your job involve marketing the event? If so, you will need to use a variety of promotional products and tools to raise awareness around the event among the targeted audience. Some of the promotional tools for event marketing include:  

  • Flyers and Posters 
  • Social Media 
  • Website
  • Email 
  • Giveaways And Ticket Promotions 
  • Banners 
  • Programs And Brochures 

For more information about the promotional tools of event marketing mentioned above, read on below. 

Flyers And Posters

Posters and flyers are among the most versatile marketing materials available out there. Once they are ready, they can be strategically placed in public locations as well as targeted venues. Flyers can also be handed out on the street or sent out in form of direct mail or placed in magazines and newspapers. Remember to make your posters and flyers as unique and noticeable as possible when designing them, to ensure that they stand out from the competition.  

Social Media 

Social media platforms are among the most important event marketing tools available today. When planning an event, make sure that you use the event promotion features available on the most popular social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

You can also consider using social media influencers to attract more attention to your event. When choosing the right influencers, you should pay more attention to the demographic composition of their following instead of only focusing on the size of their following.    


It is important for people interested in attending your event to find it online when they search for it. With that in mind, it is recommended that you create a full-featured website centred on the event. The website, which should be easy to use across different devices, must include important details about the event, including the event schedule as well as a simple and straightforward way of purchasing tickets. 

What Promotional Tools Event Marketing


When done right, email marketing can do wonders for your event marketing efforts. If you have an accurate mailing list of attendees to your past events, take advantage of this and use it to create an email marketing campaign for your event. To encourage recipients to respond positively to your promotional email, include incentives such as ticket price discounts for those making early bookings.  

Giveaways And Ticket Promotions 

You can also generate a lot of buzz and engagement around your event through ticket promotions and giveaways. If you choose to use this event marketing strategy, just remember to comply with all the relevant legal provisions. 

Targeted Publications

You can market your event successfully through targeted publications such as industry-specific magazines, newspapers and even blogs. To get the word out, consider using interviews, featured articles and guest posts among others.  


Another great way to market your event is through the use of banners. Large vinyl banners are a great outdoor marketing tool that can be placed at strategic locations like popular venues and busy intersections. When creating the perfect banner, be sure to include useful information about your event, and also include sources of additional information, like your website. 

Programs And Brochures

You can also use printed programs and brochures to raise more awareness about your event. The printouts, which should have detailed information about your event, should be placed at targeted venues and public areas where interested individuals can freely pick copies. 


Planning and marketing a successful event is no easy job. However, with the right knowledge and preparation, you can be able to create a lot of buzz around your event; and, make it a great success. Use the above event marketing tools to attract the largest possible number of attendees to your event in an efficient and economical way.  

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