How To Attract Customer Attention With Promotional Products?

Attract Customer Attention Promotional Products

Using promotional products to advertise a brand is a tried and tested strategy that still works today. You can use a wide range of promotional products and corporate gifts as long as you make sure that you clearly stamp your brand on them for brand recall. 

Aside from video promotion, people tend to remember companies that give away souvenirs or products for free. It creates a sense of loyalty. This is why promotional merchandise is very effective.

Imagine using a coffee mug or a drink bottle and seeing the brand name boldly printed on it every morning. You are bound to remember the brand and recognise it straight away when you are out and about shopping.

Following is a list of creative ways to attract the attention of prospective customers by using custom branded promotional products.

Social Media Contest

One very good marketing strategy is to create some kind of contest on your social media pages. This will help to attract more people and get them to learn more about your brand while they’re at it. A contest is the best way to distribute your branded promotional items and draw some attention to your company, your brand, and your products.

You can create a contest that will give away a major prize and a bunch of minor prices to make things exciting. You can set the rules so that only those who share and follow your account can qualify. This will get you more followers and shares resulting in increased brand awareness and potentially sales.

The good thing about doing a social media contest is that it can go viral easily. Even if not everyone will win, you can create excitement and interest in your brand and curiosity for the products. This is a great way to introduce your brand and achieve product recall.

Attract Customer Attention Promotional Products

Event Giveaways

The best way to cap off an event or a promotional activity for your company is by giving away souvenirs or promotional products. Do not limit your giveaways to just one product, you can giveaway loot bags or swag bags where potential customers can receive product samples and other practical products that they can use daily. 

Giving away quality promotional products that consumers use daily is a great brand-recall strategy because consumers will see your brand as they use the giveaway.

A pen or a coffee mug are just two good examples. Make sure that the print quality of the products is good and your logo stands out. It is vital that the prints are clear and readable. Keep the text to a minimum.

Rewards Program

Get new customers and return customers to buy more and refer others through a rewards program. This is a great way to promote your brand and make your customers feel valued at the same time.

Create a point system for a reward program where your customers need to earn a certain number of points by buying your products and referring others. Certain points have corresponding rewards like discounts, freebies and promotional materials.

No matter how small or inexpensive the reward is, customers will feel rewarded and valued when they receive something for free for being loyal to a brand. 

Attract Customer Attention Promotional Products

Trade Shows

When you join trade shows, you put yourself in front of interested buyers. Trade shows have heavy traffic so they are the perfect place to present your products and your brand to consumers. Competition may be tough because every business who joins trade shows come prepared to wow potential consumers.

Give away promotional products to everyone who visits your stall so they have something to remember you by even if they did not buy your products. Just because they did not buy during the trade show does not mean they will not do so in the future. 

Give them something to remind them about your products. Having a physical reminder that your company was kind and generous at a certain time will give you a special place in their memory that will remind them about your products when the need arises.

Products such as flash drives and water bottles, and in this day and age, hand sanitiser, are always a hit. This is because they are used on a daily basis which goes a long way to helping promote and remember your brand.

There are other ways to be creative when it comes to attracting customer attention using promotional products. Do not forget to:

  • Make sure the print is clear
  • Optimise the space
  • Limit the text
  • Place your logo where it can be seen and read
  • Make sure the print does not get erased easily
  • Use bold and attractive colours
  • Be unique and authentic

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