Best Promotional Products For Small Businesses

Best Promotional Products Small Businesses

Small businesses need to make extra efforts to bring their brand to wide audiences. Competition can be tough, being able to distinguish yourself should be our business’ utmost priority. The good thing is that there are numerous ways to creatively market your small business and easily increase brand awareness.

Promotional products are a fantastic choice for your small business, because marketing lasts long, remains memorable, and gives your brand the push that it needs.

If you’re interested in using promotional products for your small business, we have a couple of great ideas just for you.

1). Bags And Backpacks

Bags are incredibly popular as a promotional item, and they’re perfect for small business. Some bags that you can consider include small tote bags, grocery bags, backpacks, and more. 

Branded bags are strategic promotional materials because anyone who wears them becomes a walking advertisement for your small business. Additionally, since bags have high utility value, individuals will always use your bag and be reminded of your business. 

The most important criteria to keep in mind with your promotional bags is quality. While making your bag look nice is one thing, it’s important that your bag is durable and long-lasting. If the bag seems cheap, people may be more unlikely to use the bag often and it can reflect poorly on your brand.

Best Promotional Products Small Businesses

2). Mugs And Glasses

Coffee mugs are widely used, so they’re just the type of promotional material your small business needs. They’re also best if your clientele work in offices or formal settings; however, coffee mugs aren’t just limited to this setting. Bars and restaurants also make great candidates for branded cups. You can use pint glasses, shot glasses, or tumblers as an example.

If your small business is from the health or fitness industry, a thermos or water bottle is another useful promotional item that your clients will find useful for their everyday routines.

3). Pens

Pens sound simple, but they’re actually very effective promotional materials that never go out of style. Everyone will take notice of a branded pen especially if the brand stands out. Additionally, branded pens are affordable, allowing you to purchase them in bulk and give them out to anyone and everyone.

Make sure to carry your pen around and use it to help bring attention to it. If people ask to borrow your pen, you can tell them to keep it. 

4). Tech Gadgets And Accessories 

Just about everyone today has some type of technology, whether it be a cellphone or a laptop. Because of this, you can never go wrong with branded tech gadgets and/or accessories. Consider selling things such as phone covers, flash drives, mousepads, or USB charges, all of which can be customised for an added flair.

Customised giveaways are especially appreciated by clients, so why not try to make a lasting impression on them? In fact, having branded tech gadgets and/or accessories shows that your brand is modern which can help attract clients more easily. 

Best Promotional Products Small Businesses

5). Health Products

If your small business is from the medical, wellness, or fitness industry, branded health products are a no-brainer. There are plenty of affordable promotional items such as lip balm or hand sanitiser which are great assets for your business.

You can also consider giving away first aid kits or sunscreen branded with your logo. They are good components for small gift bags. Other items to consider include gym bags, towels, or yoga mats. 

6). Apparel

Branded apparel is one the most traditional yet popular promotional materials out there. This is because they are quite versatile in that they come in any shape, size, material, fabric…you name it!

Caps are a popular choice for branded apparel, and t-shirts are effective and open to lots of room for creativity. You can stamp your business logo and maybe add in your business’ motto or tagline. Having a range for men, women, and kids can also expand your reach. 

7). Sunglasses

Yes, even sunglasses are great promotional materials! They’re fun, whimsical, and definitely give your business a bit more personality. They’ll surely be popular in trade shows and catch anyone’s attention. Make sure that the style of sunglasses you choose are reflective of your brand.

Final Thoughts

There are endless options when it comes to putting out effective promotional items for your small business. From traditional pens to quirky sunglasses, the limit to effective promotional items is just your creativity. Ensure that the products you pick are representative of your business and draw attention to your brand in the long run. 

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