Are Pens The Best Promotional Product?

Are Pens Best Promotional Product

Pens are one of the simplest promotional products out there; however, this does not mean that they are not valuable at all. In fact, they can be considered one of the best promotional products!

Pens come in a variety of shapes, colours, styles, and grades, which means that there will always be a pen out there for your customers. They also become very personal items that are frequently used to sign contracts, accomplish important documents, and even taken along in your client’s travels.

So why are pens one of the best promotional products? If you want to learn more about how pens can serve as effective promotional products, please continue to read down below.

1). High Utility Value

Pens are great promotional products because they have a high utility value. They can be used at work, school, or at home. More importantly, they can be used for several months, or simply until the ink runs out.

Purchasing pens in bulk and stamping them with your company logo or brand colour can help regularly remind your customers about your company. Your customers will constantly have your brand in their mind, which can help promote confidence in your brand and encourage them to even turn to your business for industry-related needs.

Are Pens Best Promotional Product

2). Cost-Effective

This is one of the most important attributes of pens: they are cost-effective. Not only do they have high-utility value but you can even buy them in bulk at affordable prices. Prices may vary due to style and materials, but in spite of this, they are cheap nonetheless.

If you are looking to release more premium items, you may choose pens that have a steeper cost. The most important point is that pens are very flexible depending on what you are looking for and what your marketing budget may be. 

3). Various Grades and Styles

Because pens come in various grades and styles, they can help accommodate any design preferences that your clients might have. This way, the pen is not limited to just being representative of your brand as a whole.

More importantly, customers may feel proud to use a personalised pen that has a distinctive style when signing contracts, completing documents, and travelling.

4). Shareable

Another important trait of pens is that they can be shared at work, school, or home. This means that your brand can receive even more exposure to people that already surround your target market. These new people may even like the style and grade of your pen, encouraging them to view your brand as likeable and trustworthy. 

5). Extended Brand Exposure

Compared to TV or billboard adverts where people only see your brand for a short while, promotional pens can last for months. This means that brand exposure can span a longer period of time. Moreover, people that use your pens every day will not easily forget your brand.

6). Convenient

Pens are handy and convenient items. They can be used by both travellers and non-travellers alike because they are portable and easy to carry around. This makes them a really great promotional item to provide for your clients.

Are Pens Best Promotional Product

7). Makeshift Business Cards

Promotional pens can act as makeshift business cards. Business cards typically contain information about your business such as your email, website, phone number, address, logo, and company name. All of this can also be contained in a promotional pen.

In a way, promotional pens are much better than business cards. This is because they can serve the same purpose and more by allowing your customers to use your pen more often than they would use a business card. 

8). Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, many pen manufacturers produce eco-friendly pens by using sustainable materials such as bamboo, recycled plastic, recycled paper, and even biodegradable cornstarch. Therefore, if you find that your target market is particularly interested in eco-friendly products, then promotional pens are a great way to go.

Final thoughts

Promotional pens are a great way to help increase brand awareness, promote brand recognition, connect with your clients, and most importantly, accomplish all of this with a cost-effective budget. Pens may seem like simple objects, but they provide tremendous value for your brand!

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