7 Ways Promotional Products Can Boost Your Brand

7 Ways Promotional Products Boost Brand

Promotional products are one of the most conventional but effective methods of marketing your brand. By making use of high-utility products that can help constantly remind customers of your business, you will definitely see a big improvement in brand awareness.

So how exactly can promotional products as simple as, say, a pen boost your brand? If you would like to learn more about how promotional products can boost your brand, feel free to explore these 7 ideas with us below. 

1). Promotional Products Resonate With Customers

Every company wants to ensure that consumers are aware of their brand. Therefore, promotional products help consumers’ to remember your brand. 

In fact, a study by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) found that 76.2% of people that received promotional products in the last two years remember the product, the company, and the message associated with the promotional product. This alone shows that promotional products are effective brand awareness tools.

2). Promotional Products Increase Sales

Another survey conducted by PPAI discovered that 52% of respondents in the survey did business with the advertiser of the promotional product. Because promotional products encourage consumers to reach out to you, they are also more likely to do business with you in comparison to other companies that do not have promotional products. 

7 Ways Promotional Products Boost Brand

3). Promotional Products Create Instant Brand Recognition

Promotional products help customers to instantly recognise your brand. Consumers will be able to identify your company and your products and/or services once they see your logo. This is because promotional products often remain in homes, offices, cars, etc. for long periods of time, constantly reminding your customers of your business. 

4). Promotional Products Broaden Your Reach

When releasing promotional products, they not only reach your intended customers but can reach new and potential customers as well. Every time a customer uses your promotional product, this helps lead to advertising exposure. The more often your customer uses your product, the more advertising exposure you’ll get. Therefore, make sure your promotional products are as practical and functional as possible!

5). Promotional Products Are The Newest Business Cards

Promotional products can function very similarly to business cards. Aside from introducing your brand to consumers, promotional products can also contain your company’s contact details, company logos, images, and a slogan of your business’ message. 

Arguably, promotional products work better than business cards because they can be utilised on a daily basis. They are much more functional and practical compared to a business card. They can also work as part of your company’s social media campaign. For example, you can include hashtags or QR codes on your promotional products. Truly, promotional products are much more elevated than business cards.

7 Ways Promotional Products Boost Brand 2

6). Promotional Products Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is valuable for any company. Luckily, promotional products can help build just that. If your promotional products are high-quality standard and are preferably branded, people will associate the premium quality of your promotional products with the quality of your business.

Therefore, this will help customers place more trust in your company, and ultimately develop their loyalty towards you. This is important as it can help you keep first time buyers from the get-go.

7). Promotional Products Are Well-Liked

This is a simple fact, but it’s true. Promotional products can boost your brand simply because customers like promotional products. A study done by PPAI discovered that 83% of Americans liked receiving promotional items. 

If people like promotional items, they will continue to purchase them, therefore leading to increased brand exposure, brand advertising, customer loyalty, and many more. Clearly, with promotional products, there are many positive outcomes that can arise for your business. 

Final Thoughts

Promotional products are highly effective marketing tools that can easily boost your brand. Not only are they well-liked by customers, but they can help promote customer loyalty, increased consumer reach, and heightened brand exposure.

More importantly, promotional products are also very cost-effective, so they make for great marketing tools that won’t completely eat up your marketing budget. Pretty cool, right?

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