How to use this website

1) Select a product category from the left hand side main product list.

2) Select a product from the images now displayed.

3) Select the product you wish to view, a product will show in a new window with individual product options.

4) If you would like to receive a quote on this product, select the appropriate quantity, decoration, colour, size etc. Click the ‘add-to-quote’ button located at the bottom of the window.

5) If you are happy with the selections of product/s, located at the top left hand side of the main website window then click on the “your quote card”.

6) You will now see a new window displaying your product/s for quoting. You can check the product/s in the right hand side list call “cart contents” by clicking on the product name.

7) Fill in your contact details and press “send quote”.

8) You have now sent the quote and will receive a confirmation outlining the products for quoting.