Promotional Crayons

Providing kids with promotional crayons is a kind gesture, and it will also make your company's logo and name highly visible for the kids and their parents at the table. This box of four brightly coloured promotional crayons is a great positive image builder. This colourful box of promotional crayons is an ideal giveaway for restaurants, schools, libraries, and more. The trick to maximizing the use of promotional crayons is to place convenient imprints that can draw the target audiences. Promotional crayons are great for promoting child safety programs and a perfect family restaurant giveaway. As well as being great for children, promotional crayons are the perfect cost-effective addition to show bags. These promotional crayons are excellent promotional giveaway items, especially for children, and are perfect merchandise ideas for those areas involved with children, such as schools, after school cares or children's hospitals. A fun, affordable and effective promotional product, these excellent promotional crayons are sure to serve your business well. 

Custom printed Crayons

If you are looking for giveaway at your next event or that special back-to-school item then promotional crayons are a fun way to get your brand noticed. For companies looking for a cost effective solutions, our line of custom printed promotional crayons are a great choice. These promotional crayons are ideal for bulk rewards and corporate giveaways as well. Certified non-toxic promotional crayons are a great way to market and brand to kids. A fantastic giveaway, these Promotional Crayons are a fantastic way of increasing your brands awareness. These great promotional crayons are perfect promotional items for schools, after-school care or any business who involved with children. Promotional crayons are a cost-effective giveaway which can be branded with your logo and used in a myriad of companies, nurseries, schools or colleges. Promotional crayons are also perfect for bookstores and toy stores that sell colouring books and the like, and can easily be packaged together making a complete kit parents and caregivers can easily pick up for a gift. Promotional crayons are a great giveaway for the restaurants, hotels, schools and other places where you need to keep the kids involved and the parents happy. Promotional crayons are a fantastic way to express your brands inner child.

Colouring contests, another reason you should give away colouring books and printed crayons is so that you can have a colouring contest amongst the kids. Turnaround time for an order of Custom Branded Crayons is available overseas indent only. you will find most good branded crayons are non toxic. For businesses that deal with children, like family-friendly pubs and restaurants, branded crayons are an excellent choice. These promotional crayons are fun and unique items that kids will love.