Rapid Rule Scale Ruler 150mm 300mm 450mm

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Professional quality, Rota Rule Rotating scale ruler come is 3 sizes 150mm, 300mm and 450mm with 7 Scales made in USA


Professional quality, Silver Aluminium Rotating scale ruler

7 scales

Promote your design, architecture, engineering or construction company or product

Rapid Rules are an ingeniously simple improvement over the flat and triangle scales. It's unique shape instantly identifies the scale edge. Simply rotate the scale rod to locate the needed scale. Once located, it is retained...ready-to-use, every time you pick it up. All six scales read from left-to-right and read only one scale at a time.

Rapid Rules are made in the U.S.A. to a professional grade with smooth, crisp and clean edges. "It feels like a quality instrument.

Delivery 3-4 Weeks

Colour: Silver 

Sizes available in 150mm - 300mm - 450mm

Created for the exacting needs of designers and engineers, these metal scale rules are perfect for studying reviews, graphs and printouts. Treasured tools for anybody who works together with plans and tecnical drawings, especially individuals associated with architecture, building projects, engineering or construction.

The patented scale rod enables all six scales to be read from the same edge, unlike the six edges on the traditional triangular scale that needs to constantly be flipped to get into another scale. Turn either finish knob to see one scale at any given time. All scales read from right to left. And, most significantly, the chosen scale is maintained until intentionally altered. It's always available.

The edge from the Rapid Rule are elevated to lessen ink smearing for clean, crisp lines. They're accurate to 0.15mm and therefore are checked during manufacture against worldwide standards. The Rapid Rule is created within the U.S.A. of solid extruded aluminum. It is built to easliy outlast normal plastic rules, and is a lot more resistant against nicking from the edges.

More Information

More Information
Item Size 150mm, 300mm or 450mm
Material Aluminium
Decoration Options Available 1-4 Spot Colours to 1 position
Decoration Areas 13mm x 150mm or 13mm x 300mm
Manufacturer DSP


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