dog tags

Promotional Dog Tags

Engraving your logo on the promotional dog tags is usually done by Laser engraving, where the laser removes a thin layer of the metal surface. Promotional dog tags is an easy solution for animal identification and tracking. Promotional dog tags are a great way to keep connected! Promotional dog tags are the hottest trend in awareness and logo jewelry!, Promotional dog tags are a fun and trendy way to spread your message or logo. Customized Promotional Dog Tags are the perfect "canvas" for printing with your logo or information. Quoted pricing for the promotional dog tags will include your logo branded in 1 colour via screen, laser or pad printing method. For production of the promotional dog tags is usually 2 weeks for in stock products including branding of your logo. Promotional dog tags are great to commemorate your event.


Printed Dog Tags

Custom promotional dog tags are designed to be on display, which will generate tons of attention for your brand! Custom Branded Promotional Dog Tags are a very unique way to promote your brand logo or event. Promotional Dog Tags are available with many different print options. These Promotional Dog Tags are popular with school teams and fundraisers, boy and girl scouts, summer camps, church groups and sports teams. Promosource Promotions Promotional Dog Tags are the perfect way to endorse your brand and their functionality makes them a very cost effective advertising and promotional tool.
Custom printed promotional dog tags are ideal for youth marketing campaigns. Promotional Dog Tags are a premium quality product that will give your brand maximum exposure and enhance brand loyalty as these fashionable promotional accessories are worn daily. Promotional Dog Tags are a hot item.
Your promotional dog tags can be silk screen printed in 1 or more colours. Screen Printed Dog Tags is quite popular among military people. Custom printed dog tags are great collectible items! Custom printed dog tags are a hot promotional item these days. Custom printed dog tags are great way to raise money or showcase your event. These full colour printed dog tags are designed to be user-friendly and reliant, and can withstand constant use. 

These printed dog tags are incredibly light and do not cost a lot. Modern day printed dog tags are made from materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and brass among others. These Printed Dog Tags are easily customisable with any promotional print you can create. Be the hit of your next event and have custom printed Dog Tags on hand or as giveaways. Request a quote for the promotional printed dog tags delivered across Australia. We supply these custom printed dog tags to Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, Melbourne Victoria, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, Darwin NT, Gold Coast Queensland and everywhere in between. These printed dog tags are a great accessory for targeting a young audience. These printed dog tags are extremely light and never can be expensive. Printed dog tags are very popular with schools and as fundraising items. Psycho babies can't drive, drink, or vote, so our printed dog tags are essential identification for cool kids with sibling pride; let 'em know that big sisters rock! Printed dog tags are suitable for full-colour graphics or photos.