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Personalised Mints & Promotional Mint Cards

Personalised Mints & Promotional mints certainly are a tasty, cost-effective way to freshen up your sales presentations by leaving a great taste regarding your brand in the mouths of your employees, visitors, and customers. That's why promotional mints are so great; everyone loves them. Custom Branded promotional mints can also be packaged in small tins that come in different sizes and colours, able to be printed with your logo or design. A person will typically reach for a mint after a meal or beverage, and promotional mints are able to seamlessly fit into the context of the businesses that provide these things to their consumers. Promotional mints are sweet food products flavoured with peppermint or spearmint flavouring usually coming from a natural oil or perhaps an artificial flavour mix. 

Branded Mints & Mint Cards

Well if our range is any indication, our promotional mints are the 3rd best selling type of confectionery. Mints like these are often associated with the restaurant industry, and promotional mints are still a restaurant favorite when it comes to building return business, but many different kinds of industries and businesses can use promotional mint tins and dispensers like these to create a successful advertising campaign and ensure repeat business. Promotional Mints really are a inexpensive method of getting your brand into the hands of your target market. Personalised Promotional Mints are supplied in volume, allowing us to keep the cost right down, while keeping the quality and branding to the very highest levels. Additional information about our personalised mints and promotional mint cards are available on request. Printed mints are still as favoured as ever my marketers looking to promote their companies brands or services, mainly due to the affordability to include in promotional marketing campaigns and the large available print areas to the lids of the tins for branding logos, contact details and marketing messages. Promotional mints are also a stable promotional sweet used by the car group industry to gift to their service or new sale clients by leaving the promotional mint tins in the dash of the car, acting an easy reminder to the client of their service centre contact details for when the car is next due a service or any in need of any maintenance work. Printed mints are an affordable and functional solution that can be given to customers and clients to increase brand awareness. Individual Printed mints are not very big and therefore you will not be able to print very much on the wrappers but you will be able to print something. Promotional mints are not expensive and your profits will definitely stretch to buying a few bowls, but nicely packaged they will achieve much more. Useful Marketing Tips for Promotional Mints are as effective today in alleviating the symptoms of digestion disorders as the raw plant was in the 17th century and they also stimulate the appetite so containers of promotional mints are appropriate gifts to give away if you are in the food industry.

Branded mints are extremely effective at events such as exhibitions and tradeshows. Promotional mints are not only sharable, but portable and convenient as well, allowing brands to provide an item to their recipients which they are sure to use and likely to expose to others. When we decorate them with your custom graphics or artwork, our wide range of delicious promotional mints can be used in countless ways as a high-quality incentive for clients and customers, or as a gift to family, staff, and colleagues. Promotional mints can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavours, and colours, and the packaging is what will typically hold the majority of the marketing impact. Branded mints can be used in most every marketing situation, either as promotional giveaways, as gifts or rewards, or in advertising promotions. Packaging for promotional mints can represent various sorts of organisations, before the first mint is consumed. Printed promotional mints can be used for a wide range of business. Branded mints have a long lasting promotional lifespan, as they are consumed slowly. Available in a wide range of pack configurations, all of which permit strong company branding, the flavour of mint is popular with most people and combined with the breath freshening qualities normally prescribed to this zingy flavour promotional mints have found a valuable place in the pantheon of marketing success stories. Promotional Mints have been one of our most successful products of all time. Promotional Mint Cards are shaped to look and feel like a Credit Card and are filled with mints! Promotional Mint Cards are a surely a wanted gift!

Our Promotional mint cards are credit card style mint despensers, each carrying 50 extra strong peppermints. Promotional Mint Cards are a great promotional giveaway, these mints are great for a trade show giveaway or even as a mail out campaign. Our promotional Mint Cards are one of our most popular low cost sweet based items, great at events or for everyday service customers or general giveaways. Promotional mint cards are easy to store, cheap to post, long lasting and great value! Promotional mint cards are a fun, cost effective promotional tool. For businesses attending industry events or exhibitions, promotional mint cards are a common promotional merchandise choice for a budget friendly handouts to potential new clients or stand visitors. Branded mint cards are flat, and feature a dispenser that releases mints just a few at a time. Promotional mint cards are a great branded product and offer masses of personalisation options, which makes them perfect for a wide range of industries. Our classic Printed mint cards can now be made in virtually any colour, shape and size to create a totally unique look to your promotion.