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Branded Business Products

We understand the value to your business of finding creative ways of advertising your company brand. By offering a wide range of promotional desk accessories, printed clearly with your own distinct company logo, we can market your corporate identity more successfully. Our personalised products are an effective marketing tool for communicating profitably with loyal and valued customers, as well as future business contacts. From customised post it notes to memo holders and letter openers, our wide range of themed gifts are an effective and affordable way to reach your target market. We have carefully selected customised note pads, pen holders and erasers as cost-effective products which can be ordered in volume so that you can distribute these promo-gifts as freely as possible. Our branded products have been designed to give your company name maximum exposure and immediate visibility in the marketplace so that your business gains a professional, competitive edge.

Promotional Desk Accessories

Our branded rulers, sharpeners and staplers, printed with your company logo, are not only personalised marketing products but they are practical keepsakes for any office. To increase your market potential and heighten awareness, we offer customised gifts which are also functional. We want our promo-gifts to not only reach your customers in their own offices but for the advertising message to be seen day after day, so increasing their marketing power. Each one of our themed gifts is an individually designed, stylish, and good quality product which fits in with the style and design of any office. Because our branded photo frames, paper weights and desk clocks have a practical purpose they are more likely to have a longer shelf-life in terms of marketing your business name. We have optimised on size, affordability and the positioning of printed-logos, so that our gifts are attractive and effective in promoting your business.