diaries and calendars

 Stylish Promotional Diaries & Calendars

We understand the importance of successfully promoting branded products in the marketplace to highlight your business. Printed with your distinct business logo, in a highly visible location, seen by your customers everyday, our themed office calendars and diaries display the most effective use of marketing and advertising. A customised and branded corporate diary is a valuable and useful office promo-gift. With personalised pages the printed image of your logo will be refreshed every time your customer opens the pages of this quality, practical and stylish diary or turns over the monthly display on their desk calendar. The variety of our range of styles is designed to suit all types of business image. By prominently, but tastefully displaying your printed logo on every page, where it has maximum visual impact, and combining this with the practicality of these customised products, we remind your customers of your market presence every single day.

Marketing your Business Every Day

We know that advertising your printed logo has immediate visual effect through our collection of customised diaries and calendars. However, our aim is to widen the marketing potential even further. The appeal of this themed promo-range is that it offers great potential to display and communicate eye-catching marketing messages to all of your valued customers. Our promotional company diaries can be branded with your company slogan, as well as useful descriptions which define what your business is about or which further identifies you business image, ethos as well as your products. We can focus your customer’s attention on whatever personalised advertising you would like to highlight, whether that be each day, week or every single month of the year ahead. Companies who value our quality branded diaries and calendars know that by highlighting special events and days they can effectively talk directly to their customers every day of the year.