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Automotive promotional products

Some of the most effective marketing gifts that we have come across are those that are designed with the motorist in mind. Apart from being very useful, they provide a great deal of exposure for a relatively low cost. The passion for cars and the fine weather that we experience in Australia mean that products designed to protect vehicle parts from the sun are among the most likely to be used by their recipients. Owing to the fact that other consumers are exposed to your logo every time a car that uses such products is parked in the street, they provide an extremely cost-effective way to reach a large audience. Other forms of promotional advertising that offer similar coverage are generally far more expensive and cannot match vehicle accessories in terms of longevity. Our range of promotional car sunshades, branded car chargers and printed chamois leathers can all be personalised with printed messages.

Branded Auto Products

For companies that are interested in using a set of products that have been customised to their particular requirements, we are happy to advise and help in any way that we can. A collection of complementary items make an excellent gift for valued customers and when used together their combined effect can be more powerful than when used in isolation. Branded covers that look stylish are a very popular promo tool at the moment and we can highly recommend them to companies operating in all areas. The problem with a lot of corporate giveaways is that they are often of little value but because car owners have a genuine need for items that offer protection against the sun, products that are designed with this purpose in mind are always appreciated. We supply custom printed Auto Products & Tools to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and everywhere in between across Australia. Please request a quote for marketing custom printed Auto Products & Tools and we'll email a quote ASAP. Our range of promotional car sunshades, printed car chargers and chamois can all be personalised with your printed messages. Steering Mates and promotional car fresheners are just a couple of the accessories that we have to offer our customers.